Improve your SaaS traction with data-driven decisions

Know your ROI for every dollar spent on marketing campaigns of all kinds
Track key metrics to help improve your marketing efforts and validate your strategy


If you can't measure it, you can't improve it

Take the right data-driven decisions to grow your business at every stage

Track every interaction

Our system is people based and tracks all the interactions of the entire user lifecycle from the first visit, so you can better optimize the funnel.

Instant Key Metrics

Check the CAC, LTV, ROI, ARPU, LTV, MRR, Churn... and funnel conversions for every marketing campaign and overall.

For all marketing channels

Based on the successful book "Traction", we group your marketing campaigns in 19 channels to track, test and analyze them.

Data-driven decisions

Build your own growth engine by identifying marketing campaigns which bring you valuable customers with the best ROI.

Focus on what works

What if you could know that for every $1 invested in a marketing campaign, you are pulling $10 back? With TractionBoard you can.

Investors will love it

Business plans are outdated. Focus your efforts on getting customers and show your numbers. Let the data speak for you!

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Meet the Team

We are a passionate team of remote workers making this reality.


Co-founder, CEO. I have run several startups and learn a lot from all of them. My work in Tractionboard is split between growing the company and working with the team.


Co-founder, CMO. I'm a data-driven growth advocate, expert in lead generation and customer acquisition. Tractionboard is my wish-panel come true.


Co-founder, CPO. High expertise in B.I. and making data understandable for everybody. In Tractionboard I have the opportunity to lead product and create a unique experience.


Full-Stack Web Developer Hacking the web since last century, fan of best practices, open source, following standards and good testing. In his free time, amateur photographer and nature lover.


Agile Ninja. Developer with several years of experience. Agile lover since 2009 working with frameworks and best practices. He enjoys solving business needs using his knowledge in different languages and technologies. Technology is never the barrier.


Would you like to be part of this amazing team? Send us an introduction about yourself and tell us how can you contribute.
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